Every day we work with people to help them to understand and to exercise their rights. We empower people to advocate for themselves or advocate on their behalf when they are unable to. We’re here to improve outcomes for the people we work with and to be part of transforming services and society.

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Our mission is: your rights, with our help.

High Quality Professional Advocacy.

At My Rights we believe that having a high quality professional advocate can mean the difference between a good outcome and a bad one, between being silenced and being heard. Our highly trained, qualified and experienced advocates work with children and adults in a range of health and social care matters, including where they have a legal right to statutory advocacy. Our commitment is to get the best possible outcomes for the people we work with, to make a positive impact where broader changes are needed and to build capacity for self-advocacy in individuals and communities.

Our vision is: rights guaranteeing choice, equality and change for those who want their voice to be heard.

Knowledge and experience you can trust.

Our experience makes us who we are. At My Rights we know that when you ask for information, advice or support you need to be able to trust the person who provides it. Our extensive experience delivering statutory advocacy – working with children, young people and adults – and our commitment to excellence ensures that working with us means benefiting from knowledge and experience you can trust. We work with people to define and achieve the outcomes they want and help them to navigate or challenge systems or processes that seem too complex or inaccessible. Where their rights are denied, we do what we can to make sure their rights are respected. Where they feel unheard, we do what we can to make sure they have a voice. Where they cannot speak, we advocate on their behalf. Where things need to change, we do what we can to bring about change.

OUr values are:
  1. Working to the highest standards of excellence in advocating on behalf of the people we work with and supporting people to advocate for themselves.
  2. Being outcomes-focused in our work and ethical in everything we do.
  3. Listening, learning and continuously developing in order to make us the best at what we do.
  4. Evidencing the high quality of our work and demonstrating clear value for money in our services.
  5. Ensuring we are a positive part of changing things for the better, through our work, our approach and our plans for the future.
  6. Developing the expertise, professionalism and resilience of our workforce. Offering a work environment that is safe, stimulating and that makes people feel valued and invested in.
  7. Recognising that our future success is dependent upon recruiting and investing in the best people who care about our work and are committed to helping us to deliver our values today and tomorrow.

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